Job completed for Gutter Replacement in Terrell, TX

Completion date:

February 17, 2023
Location: Terrell, TX
About this project:
This homeowner had 20+ year old galvanized half round gutters. They were installed poorly, rusting out, clogged, and not draining or functioning appropriately. Their property was flooding all around the landscape, foundation, and even into the home. They also had undersized downspouts.
We removed the old gutters, cleaned out the underground system, and upgraded the gutters to 6 inch k style installed behind the drip edge, preventing back flow behind the gutter. We also upgraded the downspouts to 4 inch round, for better draining and no overflow. To top it off we installed perforated aluminum guard on the full perimeter to prevent clogging for decades to come.

Before Photos:

After Photos:

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